I was always interested in Real Estate, I had always worked in Sales and with people, and I have a knack for connecting people. So when a very lovely experienced Realtor was looking for someone to take over for her as she transitioned into retirement I took the leap of faith that Real Estate would be what I was looking for and 6 years later I’m happy to say, I feel confident that on a daily basis through my work I am able to do something meaningful that has an impact on people lives. I love meeting people,

I am excited about connecting families with their communities and helping them create memories and lay down roots.
Fun fact about me I have lived in 23 different homes/ apartments since I was born. I have lived in several cities all over Ontario, and I even spent a year out West. I’m so happy to call Hamilton my current home. Hamilton is such a beautiful city. Hamiltonians are very friendly, this city always has something happening, the quality of life in Hamilton is also great, because the cost of living is so reasonable compared to the GTA you can enjoy so much more! The food scene in Hamilton is outstanding! It seems every week I discover a new little gem of a place.

Let’s work together